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Comments by John Melby
from the December, 2002 issue of NewMusicBox,
the on-line magazine of the The American Music Center

Theodore Presser Company: Home Page

Theodore Presser Composers Gallery

American Composers Alliance

(music notation software)

University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios

Brandeis University Music Department

Albany Records

Winston Choi, pianist

MingHuan Xu, violinist

Duo Diorama

Joel Eric Suben (Save the Music, Inc.)

Centaur Records

Consortium to Distribute Computer Music

Yahoo Computer Music Search

Symbolic Sound Corporation

Computer Music Journal

Broadcast Music, Inc.

James Dashow's Home Page

Tucker Robison's Home Page

David Bohn's Home Page

Carson Cooman's Home Page

Herpetologists' League

Joe Bageant

There can be no justification whatever for the inclusion of this link on any web site, much less this one,
except that it's so far the nuttiest site that I've come across anywhere — and that's saying a lot!

And finally, for those who wonder for what sort of perverse reason an otherwise (supposedly) rational person such as I would go into
a profession at which it is virtually impossible to make a living, here is a link to a subject (with which I have been intimately familiar
since the age of seven) that may or may not provide some insight. I tried to come up with a catchy title for this link and ended up with

"What makes me tic?"

(By the way, I can spell!)


Iraq Deaths Estimator

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